Yaxley Estate Vineyard is a certified organic property located in the South East region of Tasmania: a sunny, dry and hilly landscape facing the deep blue of the Tasman Sea. Planted on a sandy slope facing north, the vineyard receives the first rays of the morning sun as it rises over the ocean. The summer days are the longest in Australia and this, tempered with a cool, dry microclimate means the grapes ripen over a longer period and thus produce a more intense fruit flavour for each variety.

Yaxley Estate was developed through the hard work of Bill and Helen Yaxley with assistance from their sons John and Jim.  Bill is also a well-known painter and sculptor and Helen is a talented ceramicist. Jim works in mining and exploration in North Queensland.

John now manages the property and has instigated the way ahead to a future of organic production with the assistance and guidance of the Tasmanian Organic-Dynamic Producers (TOP).http://www.tasorganicdynamic.com.au/

Bill and Helen now have the time to focus on their grandchildren and art work, some of which is displayed on this site.
          Yaxley Estate painted by Bill Yaxley